23 January 2009

Signs of Spring in January

It's mid January, there are a few inches of snow on the ground, and an inch of ice on the front sidewalk that looks permanant.

And yet there is hope...

I saw a robin in the back maple tree yesterday. When I was little, my dad told me that Robins mean Spring is coming. I don't know if he was making this up or if perhaps it was a farmers' tale from his growing up days in Kansas. Anyway, I think of him everytime I see a Robin. But I think this Robin is lost, following a warm front - we aren't "safe" until May arrives.

There is still that groundhog to consult but that's not until next month! If he sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter weather. I always hope it's cloudy that day.

Today hit 53 degrees. I didn't wear gloves for the first time in a long time. The permanant ice on the front sidewalk is wet underneath, so I was able to pop some pieces out to expose the cement below. On my front porch is a pot that I had Candytuft and pink begonias in last season. I noticed the Candytuft is not completely dead - just comatose looking. There are a few teeny tiny open leaves that are a nice green color. Perhaps when April gets here, I'll give it a little hair cut and some new begonias.

It would be nice for an early Spring (knock on wood). We had early Springs for the past two years. But if I remember the past 10 years, we've had storms so bad that the entire Pennsylvania turnpike that runs from NJ to Ohio and from Philadelphia to almost NY was closed down. Sometimes towns "close" - no one is allowed to drive around, tow trucks will not be sent if you get stuck. In the past, these "snow days" have occured in March so I'm not counting my chickens yet.

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