19 December 2018

I started painting again. Here are some rainbow tulips. I think the crazy colors are what attracted me! The photo with people is me and my teacher/mentor. He's a proud papa! Enjoy!


18 May 2009

Sending Flowers to Loved Ones

Today is my and my car's birthday! Yes, I bought my Saturn SL1 on my birthday - 16 years ago today. How old am I? That's another story (you can leave your guesses in the comments section).

When I arrived home late this morning from running errands, a delivery of flowers awaited me. They were from my relatives on the west coast. Two dozen red roses!!!!!! Thank you Imogene and Carl!

I love flowers! I love receiving them, sending them, buying and planting them, and even have flowers on my wedding china. My backyard is filled with lilacs and peonies. Obviously, writing a gardening blog, means I love flowers as well. Call me crazy - I even email pictures of flowers attached to quick messages to my friends! I am very predictable when it comes to flowers!

Flowers are great gifts for people who have too much stuff and don't have any self control when it comes to chocolates (me!). I send flowers all the time because my family and friends from childhood are now very spread out across the USA (and many have too much stuff!). Thank goodness for the internet - finding a New York florist, California florist, Texas florist, Colorado florist and Arizona florist is easy nowadays.

I have several sources for sending flowers. For a friend who recently moved away, I use Booth Flower Shop in New York. They deliver to quite a vast area and have no service fees which is great for a New York florist. Actually, that's great for ANY florist!

For my family and friends in the previously mentioned states, I use either 800-Flowers or Pro-Flowers. I visit their websites and see what I like best and then make my decision. I'm picky and want to see all my choices!

04 April 2009

National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

Every year in early spring, Washington D.C. hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It's just over two weeks of activities, performances, events and shows during the blooming of the Japanese cherry trees that are planted throughout the city. The average peak bloom date is April 4th. Every year the cherry trees are carefully watched and their buds measured to plan the festival's dates. Back in 1912, three thousand trees were given to the city by Yukio Ozaki, the mayor of Tokoyo.

There is a parade down Constitution Avenue complete with giant character balloons, marching bands and celebrities. There are fireworks, strolls and evening lantern walks among the trees, yacht rides, teas and dinner cruises along the Potomac River, a marathon, an art show, Japanese culture, and so much more. The Festival is a beautiful and fun way to kick off spring.