19 December 2008


I am hosting a CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and DECORATING CONTEST. The deadline is December 30th.

Please email me your photos or blog link where the pictures are. Tell me what catagories you want to enter:

interior or exterior plus-
tropical/beach theme
traditional/children theme
spiritual/religious theme
cowboy/western theme
southwest/pueblo theme
everything else theme

I will post the winning photos on this gardening blog as well as make an announcement on blogcatalog for everyone to come see the results. Winners will also receive virtual trophies and I will post their blog addresses to help increase their blog traffic.

If your photo is on your blog, please put the links to your blog photo under the comments section of this article. Or you can respond to the blogcatalog discussion "Christmas Lights and Decorating Contest" with your link.

If you are emailing me a photo, please send it to: a4mervlygurl@hotmail.com and put "Christmas Contest" as the subject of your email.

Please also send me your name, city and state (as little or as much as you want to divulge on the internet) plus whether your photo is exterior/interior and what theme. Winners will be posted January 1st.

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