29 January 2009

Daffodil Societies Around the World

There are daffodil societies just about everywhere. They have great information about daffodils, shows and events, and gardening tips. You can join, start up your own club or visit their websites for information. Here are some links for you to check out:

American Daffodil Society - http://www.daffodilusa.org/

Florida Daffodil Society - http://www.fladaff.com/

Georgia Daffodil Society - http://www.gadaffsoc.org/

Great Britain Daffodil Society - http://thedaffodilsociety.com/

Kentucky Daffodil Society - http://www.kentuckydaffodilsociety.org/

Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society - http://middletndaffodilsociety.org/

Midwest USA Daffodil Society - http://www.midwestdaffodil.org/

Minnesota Daffodil Society - http://daffodilminnesota.org/

Northern California Daffodil Society - http://www.daffodil.org/

Northern Illinois Daffodil Society - http://gardencentral.org/illinois/nidaffodilsociety/

St. Louis Daffodil Society - http://stldaffodilclub.org/

Texas Daffodil Society - http://www.texasdaffodilsociety.org/

Washington DC Daffodil Society - http://washingtondaffodilsociety.org/


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