08 November 2008

Honeydew List - Before Winter Sets IN

  • As perennials die back remove dead leaves. Trash or compost the cuttings.

  • Put down the mulch- 4 inches is good.

  • Be sure plants that can't take the wind or weight of snow are securely staked or tied to a fence. Or cut them back if they don't mind the pruning.

  • Once the cold is here use paper tree wrap around the trunks of young and tender trees to protect them from the cold. Use spiral cut plastic sleeves to protect from gnawing critters. Build little forts around your roses - use branches, pine needles, anything to cut the wind.

  • Now that trees and shrubs are dormant it's safe to plant new or transplant. Give them a good drink of water once in their new home. Stake them since their roots aren't attached to the surrounding soil yet. You don't want them rockin' & a-rollin' in the winter wind.

  • Use fall fertilizer for your lawn - one that promotes root growth.

  • Keep fallen leaves off plants and lawn - they'll cut out the sun and kill your plants. Mulch them if you can for use next year. If you can, mow the lawn to chew up any leftover leaves.

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