05 November 2008

Plant Your Bulbs!

Last September I bought some Ranunculus and planted them because the package said September through December was okay. September was still warm and they came up right away and then froze and died.

This year I am smarter. I bought more Ranunculus and this time I waited. The plants need to be planted just before the cold comes. They need to settle in but not get too comfortable. I planted them today - in groupings that circle a small Rose-of-Sharon that I'm training into a tree.

Now's the time to put the bulbs in for next Spring. Make sure the holes are about 4 times the size of the bulb deep. Make sure it's not a watery area like near where the rain gutters dump off.

I just love bi-color tulips, big yellow daffodils, hyacinths that smell so good, and big scatterings of little bulbs like crocus. A few years ago I bought a dried up pack of Siberian Squill for a quarter. The bulbs will still good and survived and multiplied. I love their tiny blue flowers!

So help me if November and December is mild and those Ranunculus come up I will scream! I'll owe you a picture next Spring if this all works out. Knock on wood, cross your fingers!

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